The Story of Dayton: From Founding to the Industrial Growth & Beyond

6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Community Room

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The Story of Dayton is defined by its people. Soon after the Treaty of Greenville was signed, hardworking individuals started moving to Dayton in pursuit of the American dream. A unique blend of innovators, inventors and dreamers filled with unmistakable optimism contributed their energy and talents that eventually turned a wilderness with a few log cabins into a city of a thousand factories.  

 Years have passed and with the decline of heavy manufacturing, Dayton‚Äôs businesses have diversified into more of a service economy that includes information technology, healthcare, business services and logistics to name a few. That said, manufacturing still has a vital role to play in the future of Dayton; a future that will be defined by its people.    

Event Type(s): History & Genealogy
Age Group(s): Adults, Lifelong Learners
Presenter: Jim Charters, (937) 478-5861,
Jennifer Hicks
(937) 496-8857